Where Discs Meet Philanthropy and Trees Become Your Best Foe!

Greetings, disc golf enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those who have mistaken our website for a rare record collector's forum! Welcome to, the perfect place for your disc golf cravings, where we've turned chucking discs into an art, a sport, and an obsession.

Before we dive into the meaty parts, let's have a quick chat about affiliate links. They’re a bit like the disc golf version of a marriage. We partner up with product retailers, and when you, our dear reader, click the link we provide and make a purchase, we get a small commission. No extra costs for you - think of it as the retailer's way of saying, "Thanks for setting us up!". Kind of like a disc that returns back to you after hitting the target, only less painful when it hits.

Here's where it gets cool though. We at are not just about discs and fun. We're also about making a difference in the world - one disc, one tree at a time. You see, we donate 50% of our affiliate revenue to charities. But we don't just throw our money into any old charity pot like a disc into a gust of wind. We focus on charities that plant trees, because, well...we have a complicated relationship with trees.

Here's the irony – in disc golf, trees are our nemesis. They block our shots, laugh at our efforts, and make disc retrievals as challenging as explaining disc golf rules to your grandma. But outside the course, trees are our oxygen-providing, carbon-dioxide-absorbing best friends. And let's not forget, they are the standing testament of our love for nature, often carved with our misfired discs - the "accidental art" we leave behind on the course.

We’re a strange bunch, aren’t we? On one hand, we cuss at every tree that dares to get in our disc's path. On the other hand, we're ploughing our income into planting more of them! We're like the disc golf version of Batman, fighting our arch-nemesis during the day and contributing to their cause at night. But hey, the world needs more trees, even if it means our discs will have a few more obstacles to swerve around.

So next time you purchase through our links, know that you’re contributing to our ‘tree-mendous’ cause. You're not just getting that sleek, state-of-the-art disc you've been drooling over, but you're also helping us plant a few more of those 'beautiful enemies' out there.

In a twisted kind of way, we're feeding the hand that bites us. It's like we're saying, "Here, have some more trees. But make sure they're placed strategically on our disc golf courses." A love-hate relationship at its finest!

At, we're all about playing it green in every sense. Now, if we could only train these trees to catch our discs...

Keep on throwing and growing, and remember – a tree on the course is worth two in the bush. Or something like that…