Tailoring Your Disc Selection to Specific Courses: A Comprehensive Guide

When playing disc golf, you don't always have the luxury of sticking to your local course. Whether you're traveling for a tournament or simply exploring new greens, different courses present distinct challenges that can require an adjusted set of discs. In this guide, we'll delve into how you can tailor your disc selection to specific types of courses, taking into account factors like terrain, elevation, and openness.

Wooded vs. Open Courses

Wooded Courses

  • Precision Over Power: Tight fairways and a plethora of obstacles make accuracy paramount.
    • Recommended Discs: Overstable mid-ranges like the Innova Roc or the Dynamic Discs Verdict for controlled shots.
  • Skip and Roll: A low-ceiling or obstructed shot might benefit from discs that skip or roll well.
    • Recommended Discs: Understable drivers such as Latitude 64 Diamond or Innova Leopard3.

Open Courses

  • Maximizing Distance: Open fields allow for power shots without as much risk.
    • Recommended Discs: High-speed distance drivers like the Discraft Nuke or Innova Destroyer.
  • Wind Management: Open courses often come with wind, so more stable discs can be beneficial.
    • Recommended Discs: Overstable discs like the Innova Firebird or the Discraft Zone.

Dealing with Elevation Changes

Uphill Shots

  • Increased Stability: Discs tend to act more overstable when thrown uphill.
    • Recommended Discs: Slightly understable or neutral discs like the Discraft Buzzz or the Latitude 64 River.

Downhill Shots

  • Decreased Stability: Downhill throws can make a disc act more understable.
    • Recommended Discs: Overstable discs that can resist turning over, such as the Innova TeeBird or the Prodigy A3.

Water Hazards

  • Risk and Reward: Riskier shots over water might call for discs you're willing to lose.
    • Recommended Discs: Budget-friendly or backup versions of your favorite molds.
  • Safety First: For safer play, opt for discs that float in water.
    • Recommended Discs: Innova Dragon or Latitude 64 Sarek, which are designed to float.

Specialty Discs for Specific Challenges

  • Rollers: For narrow, long fairways or to avoid low ceilings.
    • Recommended Discs: Understable distance drivers like the Innova Roadrunner.
  • Overhand Shots: For navigating tight gaps or specific landing spots.
    • Recommended Discs: Overstable drivers like the Innova Firebird, ideal for tomahawk or thumber throws.

General Tips

Versatility is Key

  • A balanced bag that includes a variety of stabilities, speeds, and shot capabilities will usually serve you well.

Know the Course

  • If possible, practice on the course beforehand or study its layout to better inform your disc selection.

Adapt and Learn

  • Always be prepared to adapt your strategy and disc choices as you gain experience on a new course.


Adjusting your disc selection for different courses can be both an art and a science, requiring a mix of preparation and adaptability. By understanding the unique challenges each type of course presents, you can make more informed decisions about which discs to bring along. This not only maximizes your potential for a great round but also makes you a more versatile player, ready to take on any course that comes your way.