Disc Selection for Different Shots: Mastering Hyzers, Anhyzers, Flat Shots, and More

One size does not fit all in disc golf—especially regarding shot selection. With many obstacles, wind conditions, and hole designs to navigate, having the right disc for each type of shot is essential for lowering your scores. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the best discs for different shots, including hyzers, anhyzers, flat shots, and more.

Hyzer Shots

What It Is

  • A hyzer shot curves left for right-hand backhand (RHBH) throwers and right for left-hand backhand (LHBH) throwers.

Best Discs for Hyzer Shots

  • Overstable Drivers: These discs are less likely to flip up or turn, making them ideal for hyzer lines.
    • Examples: Innova Firebird, Discraft Predator
  • Overstable Mid-ranges: For shorter hyzer shots, control is more critical than distance.
    • Examples: Discraft Buzzz OS, Innova RocX3

Anhyzer Shots

What It Is

  • An anhyzer shot curves right for RHBH throwers and left for LHBH throwers.

Best Discs for Anhyzer Shots

  • Understable Drivers: These discs are likelier to turn and hold the anhyzer angle.
    • Examples: Innova Leopard, Discmania FD
  • Understable Mid-ranges: For shorter anhyzer shots, these offer control and turn.
    • Examples: Innova Stingray, Dynamic Discs Evidence

Flat Shots (Straight Shots)

What It Is

  • A flat shot aims to fly straight from the release point to the target.

Best Discs for Flat Shots

  • Neutral Drivers: These discs provide a balance of turn and fade, offering a straight flight.
    • Examples: Innova TeeBird, Discraft Undertaker
  • Neutral Mid-ranges: These are ideal for shorter straight shots.
    • Examples: Innova Mako3, Discraft Buzzz

Hyzer Flip Shots

What It Is

  • A hyzer flip starts on a hyzer angle but flips to flat or even turns over a bit for maximum distance.

Best Discs for Hyzer Flip Shots

  • Slightly Understable Drivers: These discs will flip up but not turn over too much.
    • Examples: Innova Valkyrie, Dynamic Discs Escape

Flex Shots

What It Is

  • A flex shot starts on an anhyzer angle but flexes back (fades) left for RHBH throwers, essentially "S"-shaping in flight.

Best Discs for Flex Shots

  • Overstable Drivers: These discs can handle the initial anhyzer angle and still fade back.
    • Examples: Discraft Zeus, Innova Destroyer

Overhand Shots (Tomahawks/Thumbers)

What It Is

  • These are vertical shots, either tomahawk (forehand grip) or thumber (thumb inside the rim), that flip and spiral through the air.

Best Discs for Overhand Shots

  • Overstable, Flat-Top Drivers: These discs create the most torque and flip more predictably.
    • Examples: Latitude 64 XXX, Innova Firebird

Utility Shots (Skip, Rollers, etc.)

What It Is

  • These are specialized shots designed to navigate specific obstacles or conditions.

Best Discs for Utility Shots

  • Skip Shots: Overstable discs with sharp edges.
    • Examples: Innova Firebird, Discraft Raptor
  • Rollers: Understable drivers with rounded edges.
    • Examples: Innova Roadrunner, Discmania TD2 Fever


Understanding the various shot types in disc golf and the best discs for each can vastly improve your game. While the "best" disc can be subjective and dependent on your skill level, arm speed, and personal preferences, having a well-rounded bag covering all these shot types will make you a more versatile and successful player. So the next time you face a daunting anhyzer or a tight window that only a hyzer flip could navigate, you'll know exactly which disc to reach for.